Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nashville Home Sales Should Be Music To Our Ears, But.....

The Nashville area received great news with the announcement that the month of January set a home sales record for the area.

Yet, for some reason, the story gets treated like one of those TV commercials for medications with side effects that are worse than taking the drug.

Perhaps in the medical community, doing the "good" and then the "bad" is necessary. But in real estate, it doesn't need to happen.

This story about it is typical. The first paragraph gives the great news, before the very next paragraph expresses concern. This takes a consumer right back down.

If this story didn't tell people that "inventory is down 10%", chances are the typical consumer would have no idea. The writer might as well have told them "But it won't last!".

Just let the word get out that the past month was a home sales record. I'm confident that knowing this would get more people to consider the sale of their home if conditions are good. Expressing an immediate concern keeps doubt in their minds.

Keep this "low inventory" stuff a secret. If you must tell someone, alert your doctor if the inventory is still low after 4 hours.