Thursday, January 7, 2021

We Never Would Have Known

Obviously, the National Association of Realtors is trying to help with and encourage home (and all property sales) around the country. Hundreds of thousands of members around the country are paying dues (in more ways than one!) and expecting complete support.

We understand that statistics are kept all around the country about local home sales and prices, and that comparisons are made. These comparisons are made against previous months and years.

As we begin 2021, the nation continues to be in a pandemic. The real estate market comparisons are, frankly, not justified against one year ago and prior.

Our problem this week is that the NAR has put out its report showing home sales are down for November 2020. No kidding? It was a controversial and highly anticipated election month. Of course people were not looking to sell or buy nearly as much.

Yet, this report shows the decline. And, yes, there was an understandable decline in property sales during November.

But WHY is this being reported? We would like to think that NAR members would not want to give anyone even the slightest negative. Don't tell the public that not as many homes are selling. It does nothing but put some degree of doubt in the minds of people that may have been "thinking about" selling.


We would not expect any consumers to notice that there were no home sales statistics reported for a month, and there would not have been any doubt cast.


Even as the residential real estate market is overall encouraging, the real estate community should think twice about what gets reported. It needs to be positive, or not at all, while we deal with current circumstances.