Monday, March 11, 2024

Food For Thought When Opportunity Knocks in Real Estate

Whether things are busy or not, real estate professionals, developers, and investors should always be on the lookout for future opportunities. A prime example is the announcement by Aldi Food Stores that it plans to add 800 new stores within the next five years.

I'm sure some people react by wanting to ask me how this is an opportunity for them. To me, it's easy, whether you work residential or commercial. Either way, Aldi has done a lot of helpful market research for you!

Suppose you work residential. Chances are you know the demographics and income levels that Aldi Stores most commonly attract. If you buy and/or sell homes to that group, you should stay on top of this story to find out if there will be a new store within your farm area. Or, new stores in areas where residents of your farm area might want to move to.

Homes near the location will have the amenity of being close to a brand new store! Might be an advantage to help sell. Could be very helpful for a potential buyer also looking at homes which do not have easy proximity to a brand new grocery store.



If you work commercial, you now have research showing the viability of a major retailer preparing to serve specific communities. Those communities have room and want new construction. Aldi Store customers need other products and services. There may be adjacent space for lease or for sale.


This is where obtaining market research plays such as important role. Those that wait until ground has broken on a new store typically are told "We already have someone who.....". That "someone" did their homework ahead of time.


No matter how busy you are (or are not), there should always be time for market research. If you are too busy working with your clients, keep in mind that my office specializes in market research and marketing!