Monday, April 11, 2022

How Landlords Can Pre-Lease Apartments - and Keep Them Leased In Advance

You have the floor plans and/or blueprints for a 20 or more unit multi-family property. It is weeks (maybe months) before construction or renovation begins. Your goal is to have every available unit leased before your “ready” or delivery date.


Perhaps you own and operate large apartment buildings and want to keep every unit under lease. Even if fully rented now, leases expire and some valued tenants will relocate, creating future vacancies.


Either way, currently you are not able to do advance showings of available units in order to get them all leased. However, having a leasing office or model apartment costs you for the space, the staff, and maintenance every month it is needed. Paying commissions to a broker may get the job done, but results in thousands of dollars out of your pocket. As tenants come and go, those thousands in tenant acquisition costs continue to add up.


FIRST IN Real Estate Marketing has a complete solution for apartment building owners (and leasing managers). This solution reduces or eliminates the need for the aforementioned ongoing costs.


It starts with our “Custom Interactive Virtual Staging”. The tech team starts with your floor plans and/or blueprints. There is no need for the property to exist, or to visit the property site. Created to scale, the tech team showcases the specifics of each room or area of the property. You could have selected rooms be done, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. You could do a “before and after” to showcase a renovation. You can show “Behind the Walls” to feature integration of HVAC, Solar Panels, or retrofitting. If your units offer a spectacular view, it can also be shown as part of the created “tour”.


The strength is that a potential tenant can literally do a lot more using this feature than if they were standing inside the actual property!


Custom Interactive Virtual Staging can be used to impress:


+ Investors, Potential Partners

+ Contractors, Installers

+ Potential Tenants


Perhaps the most popular of the amenities is our ability to add Selection Panels for the viewing experience. One example is a Paint Panel which allows potential tenants to experience specific rooms while able to choose among a panel of wall colors. They would see how certain colors would match their furniture.


Other examples are Selection Panels for flooring choices, fixtures, and/or furniture styles. These are custom designed to help potential tenants envision themselves and their possessions being in your property.


Meanwhile, contractors and installers can use this to determine how and where to handle the job they are assigned.


Once prepared to meet your specifications, the next step is to implement your method(s) to showcase your property. Your choices of methods include:


+ Online tours

+ In-person presentations

+ Virtual Reality goggles


Online Tours allow potential tenants to do a 360 tour at any time, and (if you choose) be able to apply while still visiting your website. This amazing technology allows for family members in different locations to login and “tour” simultaneously!


In-person presentations allow you to showcase the property on any size monitor or screen at sales offices, conference rooms, conventions, or anywhere you have potential tenants.


Virtual Reality goggles can be utilized to let potential tenants to walk or ride through your unit(s) as if they are actually there by doing a 360 tour. They have the ability to change colors, flooring, and/or whatever you use Selection Panels for.


Once fully leased, this ongoing feature can be used to showcase for upcoming vacancies. (If a tenant is moving out at the end of March, you could let them experience the unit long before its April 15th availability.)


If and when you operate other apartment buildings, chances are we can modify your Custom Interactive Virtual Staging for future use for a lower cost. Therefore, your cost to fill “new” vacancies will be even less.


All you need are floor plans and/or blueprints to request your free estimate. Our team will take it from there. You could be ready to pre-lease or lease using this custom program within 30 to 60 days!


Custom Interactive Virtual Staging