Monday, March 11, 2024

Food For Thought When Opportunity Knocks in Real Estate

Whether things are busy or not, real estate professionals, developers, and investors should always be on the lookout for future opportunities. A prime example is the announcement by Aldi Food Stores that it plans to add 800 new stores within the next five years.

I'm sure some people react by wanting to ask me how this is an opportunity for them. To me, it's easy, whether you work residential or commercial. Either way, Aldi has done a lot of helpful market research for you!

Suppose you work residential. Chances are you know the demographics and income levels that Aldi Stores most commonly attract. If you buy and/or sell homes to that group, you should stay on top of this story to find out if there will be a new store within your farm area. Or, new stores in areas where residents of your farm area might want to move to.

Homes near the location will have the amenity of being close to a brand new store! Might be an advantage to help sell. Could be very helpful for a potential buyer also looking at homes which do not have easy proximity to a brand new grocery store.



If you work commercial, you now have research showing the viability of a major retailer preparing to serve specific communities. Those communities have room and want new construction. Aldi Store customers need other products and services. There may be adjacent space for lease or for sale.


This is where obtaining market research plays such as important role. Those that wait until ground has broken on a new store typically are told "We already have someone who.....". That "someone" did their homework ahead of time.


No matter how busy you are (or are not), there should always be time for market research. If you are too busy working with your clients, keep in mind that my office specializes in market research and marketing!

Saturday, February 17, 2024

One Experience Can Shape Many

Working with and for real estate professionals and investors for more than 30 years was not my original plan. My career actually began in radio broadcasting, which included studio work as well as covering events and doing live reports. When a report on the air is supposed to be 45 seconds long, it must be 45 seconds long and include important information for the audience at the time. I also went on to teach radio broadcasting part-time for seven semesters at Columbia College Chicago. 

Many years ago, some friends of mine got on the schedule to do a vendor presentation, along with two other companies. Because of my public speaking and presentation experience, they hired me to perform their presentation. We were slotted to go 2nd of the three. The guy presenting first had what I thought to be a more amazing product than what I had to talk about, and it worried me. However, I also noticed how he seemed insecure and was choppy during his presentation.

When it came to be my turn next, I got up and smoothly delivered my two minute presentation, making every sales point that was necessary, and then handled a couple of follow up questions with ease. Next, the 3rd presenter did not have as good of a product or presentation.

The result? Even though I didn’t think I was representing the best product, my guys got the sale! That moment showed me how much of a difference the presentation could make, regardless of the product or service.



Those radio broadcasting skills continue to help me when it comes to presenting properties, creating videos, hosting live educational webinars and seminars, and demonstrating the products and services my team and I now represent.

Meanwhile, I continue to see investors, agents, brokers, developers, builders, and others affiliated with real estate, miss out on potential deals and transactions because they don’t have the solid presentation and communication skills that often make the difference between winning and losing.

Over the years, I have occasionally helped my marketing clients with their presentation skills and have made an even more positive difference in their lives.

Now, as Real Estate Media Coach, I am available to specifically help real estate professionals and investors to increase their presentation skills. My having both the knowledge and experience from marketing campaigns for everything from multi-million dollar commercial developments to starter condos in low income areas combines with my communications coaching abilities.

I can work with individuals as well as large groups, including one-on-one time with each student.  

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

How Presentation Mistakes Harm Your Credibility

If you are presenting a property, whether to industry colleagues, investors, or potential buyers/tenants, it helps to consider both the material you are presenting along with how you are presenting it. Messing up one can mess up both. 



Here is an example I witnessed a couple years ago. I was watching a broker presenting a single family home listing to a group consisting of investors and fellow brokers. Along with a slide presentation, he was giving details of the property, and happened to mention that “This could also be a good rental property”. 

One of the audience members raised his hand and asked, “What is the monthly rental rate in that area?”. That was a very reasonable question, considering that the broker doing the presentation failed to mention it. However, the broker’s answer was “I’m not sure”.

My first reaction was to make a note to not do business with that broker. If he was going to mention that it “could be a good rental”, he should have been ready with facts to support his statement. No matter how good his slide presentation was to that point, his answer to an obvious question shot down his credibility. 


This broker should have done the research on current rents nearby while preparing his presentation. If the numbers were favorable, they should have been presented early in the presentation. If not favorable, don’t mention the possibility while giving the presentation. He could very well have lost out on a couple of potential buyers by not having information which is important to them.

The oral presentation skills of this broker were solid. There is more to it than being a good presenter, even when those skills are on display. Those that have the combination of a solid presentation AND are solid at public speaking and presenting to others have a much better chance to succeed. 


If you present properties and/or real estate opportunities to potential buyers, sellers, tenants, investors, lenders, and so on, you can be better at compiling each presentation and utilizing improved public speaking skills and strategies within 30 minutes. Schedule your time today at