Saturday, February 4, 2017

Keep the Dallas to Houston Train On Track

We still have people on both sides of the tracks in Texas between Dallas and Houston. Literally.

Having a high speed train allowing for passengers to get from one of those cities to the other in roughly 90 minutes makes solid business sense.

However, there is the "not in my back yard" aspect to it.

Here is a suggestion for those who don't want it. Make a request. "If you come through this town, put a station stop in it."

Even if it takes two hours, instead of 90 minutes, to get to/from Houston to/from Dallas this is still a huge benefit over driving through traffic and rain storms. That "extra" half hour (or less!) could be because of stops along the way.

If you research property values near a major train station around the country, you'll see why. Businesses can prosper with a prime location with a captive audience. Home sales benefit from people who could easily commute by walking to the train station.

Not to mention all of the jobs created by such a project.

This is something that should happen!

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