Friday, October 9, 2015

Never Mind The Forecast - Stick With The Facts

Here is another example of why there are still so many problems, which should not be "problems", plaguing the real estate community.

I'm finally seeing positive results from certain parts of the country. The key word is "results". More and more communities are able to show that both home sales and home prices are on the rise. This shows that the particular community has a demand, and that a buyer stands a chance to actually be able to profit if they choose to sell in a few years. If not, real estate becomes less of an investment for the future and more of a way to gain tax benefits from basically paying rent with control over the "lease".

Then, I see "reports" such as this one. Leslie Appleton-Young has been a real estate expert in California for many years, and is well respected around the country by experts in the business, including myself.

However, the "story" from this week (10/8/15) does exactly what drives me nuts in this still challenged real estate market.

This story features "projections" for the coming months and into 2016 over and above the number of homes which have actually sold and where prices are going. Furthermore, her quote of “We still have a slightly troubled housing market” doesn't exactly make investors drop everything and call their real estate agent.

The "We still have problems, but expect them to get better" approach is, frankly, one of the things that is hurting the real estate process. And this one is not necessary.

Some publicity is not better than no publicity. This kind of publicity could have, and should have, been a lot more positive. You don't have to be a respected expert to realize that.

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