Friday, October 30, 2015

A Health Care Benefit While Selling Your Home?

Some property listings and advertisements for listings provide information about the local school district, most likely when it is a school district worth bragging about to potential buyers.

While that makes sense and has its merits, so does providing helpful information about what is nearby to the appropriate demographics. Other than schools, that doesn't seem to happen, and that needs to change.

Of course, the quality of a school district is important. But not if it is a smaller home which does not have room for a family with children, and/or a home in an area which does not cater to school age children.

Just as the school district is a concern for potential buyers with children, there are aspects of a community which appeal to different age groups, even though they are rarely pointed out in a sales situation. Not doing so can cost some home sellers an edge they may have when buyers compare with another property.

Listing agents need to find and utilize more factors about the community when promoting a home for sale. The idea is to sell "this" home ahead of "homes" in general.

These days, the information needed is more readily available than ever before, and should be taken into consideration.

For example, for potential buyers either without children, with grown children, or whose children do not live with them, could very well be in need of convenient health care. To that point, the quality of the local hospital is as important to some potential buyers and sellers as the school district is to others.

Why can't home sale listings include something like "close to 'A' rated West Central Hospital" within the description?

To further the point, here are the recently updated statistics for the 100 largest hospitals within the State of Illinois:

This information is generally available for every state. Right now, your home could be close to the top hospital in your region.

If you are looking to sell your home, and it is nearby to one of the top hospitals in the state (or within 50 miles, for example), shouldn't that be pointed out to potential buyers? If you didn't know about it, how do you expect them to?

Frankly, that might be more helpful to a potential buyer than learning about the "vaulted ceiling in the upstairs bedroom".

Providing a possible health care "benefit", especially at no additional cost, to a potential buyer just might make the difference when the potential buyer compares their needs vs. other properties they might be considering.

If you are a realty agent, this should become an element of your presentation. If you are a potential or current seller, you should research this ASAP in hope of finding another solid reason for a buyer to make an offer. It could be better for your health.

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