Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The House Might Be Sold, But It Has A Urinal

This one is not a paid ad (that I know of), or if it is, it is disguised as a newspaper "profile" of a Seattle area home by the leading local newspaper's web site.

Within the copy description of the home, it says the home has "reclaimed chalkboards used as kitchen countertops, two basement bed alcoves, a urinal and a front porch". Yes, that is a quote from the description.

Rather than ask if you know what a "bed alcove" is, I will instead ask if anyone knows of someone purchasing or considering the purchase of a home because it has a urinal.

It is possible that there is at least one person, however.

This "description" wraps up by telling readers that "a sale is pending".

Actually, I am not bashing this story and description. The point is that this does entice people to read further and to want to look at the photos.

That is a lot better than a lot of the paid advertising, with "must see", "move-in condition" and giving the basics that every other house also offers. Great job of making a property description unique!

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