Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Sale Does Not Change The Market

I'd like to think it was a reporter's attempt to make a story look like an important news story. No matter how large the amount of the transaction, this multi-million dollar mansion purchase is not a "market changer":


This story won't put a halt to other sales. But it also does not signal any trend. It is one transaction. In any real estate market, there are a limited number of multi-million dollar residential real estate transactions.

However, the story does cast a slightly negative light on the local market, and that is not good when it comes to the marketing of real estate. This story goes as far as to point out that this single transaction has a lot to do with the reported 18% increase in home sale prices for the quarter. Even though the property actually sold for less than it could have in better markets.

In other words, another potentially positive local real estate statistic shot down in flames. In this instance, it was by a reporter and not by a realty association, which seems to be the case in so many other cities.

As I have been saying for all these months, we need to change the "reporting" in order to change the mindset for marketing available properties.

I would like to think the reporter meant to say "Someone out there is willing to invest big bucks in the local real estate market" in a positive slant. Yet, adding in that this transaction was the reason for a home price increase and making it appear to be starting a trend took away any intended positive message.

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