Friday, November 13, 2009

Listing of the Day - Rapid City SD

In an effort to improve the impact of the marketing of listings, I randomly choose current listings around the country in a variety of price ranges and comment on their effectiveness. No current clients of mine are used, nor do I know any sellers or buyers or have any additional information about the property.

175 Swiss Drive, Rapid City SD 2+1 $159,900

If I had to sum up the critique of this listing ad in one word it would be "understated". No sizzle. Not nearly enough to entice a potential buyer into seeking it out.

I found this ad via Yahoo real estate, complete with just one photo and a minimal description. As in one just one photo, one sentence, and no surrounding information even filled in. I could have stopped there and commented about how it makes little to no sense to have a property ad on Yahoo and let it sit there unattended. But there are 2 places to click for "further details", which led me to the realty firm's own site. However, even the web page about this listing comes up short.

First, the 12 photos with a slide show makes for a postive first impression. A good blend of exterior and interior photos for the most part. However, 2 of the exterior photos are only trees and a mountain view, with absolutely no perspective on the house itself. We don't know if we need to be on the deck or out on the road to see this, or if it is a view from one of the rooms. (If either one is a view from any of the rooms, it would be quite appealing to a potential buyer to know that, but instead we are left hanging. That is still another missed opportunity to reel in a potential buyer.)

While it always helps to "sell" the area or neighborhood around the house, the limited description spends way too much copy hyping the area, and nowhere near enough about the house itself. The agent overlooks that a potential buyer could drive up and walk around the trails and forest and lake at no cost, without having to own property nearby. The purpose of this ad, which represents the seller of this home, is to sell the merits of the home.

All we get in the entire descriptions of the interior is "loft, tile floors, wood stove, and main floor bedrooms". That's after an extra click on "interior". We are also told this house is "completely remodeled" but are given no idea, either by the photos or the description as to WHAT they refer to. The skeptical investor is likely wondering about the cause of a "complete" remodeling.

It is also a challenge to get a feel for this "two-story" home with "main floor bedrooms" and a loft. Makes me wonder if there is a realistic use for a second level or if it is really a one-story house with an attic or spare room above.

Since we are not even told how far from a town this home is, or the distance to schools, shopping, highway, etc., we are left to guess as to whether this is a mountain retreat.

This seems to be a house that would have appeal as a second home, summer home, or an executive retreat. Based on this, chances are the buyer of this home could be from beyond 50 miles away, as opposed to moving out of the nearby town. In concept, it would be through Yahoo that potential buyers should be attracted to this home.

Yet, the Yahoo ad, as mentioned earlier, is a throwaway on first impression. Not enough into to want to make a potential buyer link over to the company listing page, such as what I did. But even when someone does, they don't get any of the sizzle.

If this were my listing, I would be 110% certain that anyone looking on Yahoo Real Estate got the concept of a mountain retreat home with views and pounding out the amenities left and right. Potential buyers should want to know more about the AREA, not be stuck to guess about the property.


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