Friday, September 18, 2009

Listing of the Day - Murrells Inlet SC

In an effort to improve the impact of the marketing of listings, I randomly choose current listings around the country in a variety of price ranges and comment on their effectiveness. No current clients of mine are used, nor do I know any sellers or buyers or have any additional information about the property.

1020 Vestry Drive, Murrells Inlet, SC $195,000

This listing ad needs a massive overhaul. The positive selling points that are featured are quickly negated by the presentation, while some other important positive sales points are nowhere to be found.

A buyer of this home will most likely come from out of the area. Yet, there is not one mention anywhere in this ad to let potential buyers know that the home is located near Myrtle Beach.

Affluent people from states further north would consider this price range and a newer home to be a plus in such a resort community.

How do I know the buyer will most likely be from out of area? Because the first impression we get tell us this is a "model home". In many instances a successful development will have investors on a list to be notified when the model becomes available. Obviously, there either weren't any or if there were something scared them off.

We can also tell it is a model home because the primary picture has nothing to make the home appear lived in. No window decorations, no plants in front, and nothing to show what it would look like if a family lived there. 0 for 2.

Model homes are perceived differently by a lot of potential buyers vs. those which are not. Some see the positive such as usually a lower price than the other units and often a prime location within a development. Others see possible negatives, such as concerns about wear and tear from countless numbers of people walking through, along with security concerns since many people know exactly where bedrooms, closets, appliances, and electrical outlets are.

Worse yet, EVERY photo bears out that it is a model home. As much as I preach for interior shots in listing advertisements, it defeats the purpose when they portray empty rooms. Potential buyers have no idea how a set of furniture would look in proportion, and thoughts turn to having to measure, select a color scheme, and take additional steps in order to make the property an individual expression. As nice as the swimming pool looks in the photo, the impact is reduced since there are no chairs or furniture to distinguish it and make it appear comfortable for family use.

The top description begins with "former model home". While the "heated and cooled garage" and "lush landscaping" are great selling points and the photo bears those out, the "window treatments and blinds" part of the description lacks credibility because of the photo. (The exterior shot makes this place look totally empty.) A serious potential buyer would probably notice that the photo and description do not jive.

Then, the lower "description" portion merely rewords the same thing as above. This not only blows a crucial opportunity to further entice a potential buyer, but again mentions "model home" before recapping the couple of positive selling points that are actually shown.

Usually, I like the "closer in" use of Google Maps in terms of setting the location. This map does show proximity to a golf course and a mall. (It took my looking at the map to pull out a couple more selling points not shown in the repeated description.) But in this instance, it might benefit to set this home location back one notch to show proximity to the beach itself. For an out of area potential buyer, distance from the actual beach would be a consideration. Since the map doesn't show it (without a potential buyer taking extra steps - and I'm betting that he or she isn't sticking around on this page long enough to realize that opportunity), I have no way of knowing if this home is miles away or, for example, "7 minutes from the beach".

This home looks to be well priced and have its selling points. If only this were a "model" listing advertisement.............

Grade: D+

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