Monday, April 12, 2021

Getting Your Video Tours On Potential Buyer Phones

Some agents spend a significant portion of their marketing budget for a listing to have a Matterport tour produced and ready to go as soon as possible. No matter how excellent the finished product is, the challenge becomes getting as many potential buyers as possible to see it. The new Smart Phone Property Tour feature comes to the rescue.


The agent’s web page may not have enough visitors to generate significant enough viewing. When placed on the company’s website, their tour often becomes one of many currently available. Social media promotion results tend to vary. In those situations, a potential buyer may easily be distracted by seeing other similar listings.


Meanwhile, chances are most home buyers have no idea what Matterport is or does. Some agents will not share a tour with their buying clients because they do not spend on them for their own sellers. Advertising of the listing needs to contain the important facts and amenities of the listing.


With a Smart Phone Property Tour to support a professional video tour, potential buyers can easily experience your listing. It becomes one easy step for them to have it on their phone for easy viewing. This is technology they can easily use, whether they have an android or iPhone.


There is absolutely nothing to change or add to your professional video tour. The result is that it becomes available to potential buyers everywhere they can use their phone.


Each “tour” is assigned a custom easy to remember link, which can be selected by the listing agent. The custom link could contain the property address or street number, such as 7654 for 7654 Main Street. It could be the name of the development, such as "West Hills", or the name of the listing agent.


Creating an easy link for potential buyers makes it simple to pick up their phone and check out the tour. It will be just as easy for them when linked from social media or anywhere else. The agent is able to choose their custom link, subject to availability.


A Smart Phone Property Tour is available for only $10 per month per property.


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