Friday, March 26, 2021

The Importance of Advance Interactive Virtual Staging During New Construction

Ultimately, the goal is to market each property to the end user, whether it is a potential buyer or tenant. It is this phase which is the most significant use of a finished InteractiveVirtual Staging Environment.



This is because the subject property does not need to be built or completed, since all that is needed are the plans. Its location can be anywhere in the world including multiple locations.


Perhaps the most significant feature of FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging is that a potential buyer or tenant can actually do more with it than if they were standing inside of the completed property. While at the property, they might not like how a wall color, flooring, fixtures, or the furniture style looks. You can show them photos of sample tiles, but a hand held sample does not do your property justice.


When using our Interactive Virtual Staging, they can experience the property under a variety of choices. Once they see how furniture similar to theirs would look, or with a preferred choice of color, their level of interest is certain to increase.


Potential buyers and tenants can experience this feature at the property. Better yet, they can also experience it from the comfort of their current home. They could be in your sales office or anywhere there is Wi-Fi. If using Virtual Reality goggles (or with a Play Station 5), they could “walk through” the property room by room and make choices.


A huge element to this feature is that our Interactive Virtual Staging can be available months before construction or renovation is completed. The original idea of this concept is to be able to have it sold (or rented) on the ready date.


There are many financial advantages for a builder/developer to have the property sold or rented before the ready date. The immediate financial savings include:


+ Maintenance costs

+ Security costs

+ Personnel (property manager, sales staff)

+ Utilities costs

+ Possible staging costs

+ Possible mortgage or construction loan interest costs


Before Interactive Virtual Staging was so readily available, it would take months and months to sell out a development. The monthly costs for several units, even for three months, often far exceed the cost of our Interactive Virtual Staging. Real estate agents and brokers had to wait those months before earning their commissions.


Meanwhile, having a new project sold or leased as soon as possible allows the builder/developer to more quickly move on to their next project. That could add millions of dollars more to their pockets more quickly!


This is why Interactive Virtual Staging is so effective. The savings and financial benefit outweighs the cost. Potential buyers and tenants gain more and better choices with more reasons to consider the property, even if they can see it.


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