Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How The Garbage Could Help Sell Your Home

Some communities have begun to consider increasing the frequency of garbage pickup, including the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, which has a heavy concentration of single family homes. If there are more pickups, it would likely mean an even cleaner community, perhaps "cleaner" than certain nearby communities with less frequent pickups.

If you are looking to sell your home, and your community has (or is going toward) more frequent garbage pickups, you should research and find out if any of the surrounding communities pick up as frequently or not, and document it. Why?

Chances are that potential buyers for your home will come from outside of the community. They may be looking at other similar homes in nearby communities, developments, or cities. It could very well be to your advantage if you can provide potential buyers with factual information as to why your home has the "cleaner" surroundings.

This is just one example of what home sellers need to be doing to get their home sold. Frankly, your real estate agent is highly unlikely to provide your potential buyers with this type of information, which could help tip the scales in your favor.

It's because agents are looking to sell "houses", whether it is yours or someone else's. If the community you live in has a distinct edge over a neighboring community, YOU need to point it out. Your agent either has or will have homes to sell in the "rival" communities, so he/she can't be out bad-mouthing the other areas. The fewer distinct advantages you have to point out about your home for sale, the longer it will take to get it sold.

An additional weekly garbage pickup leads to a cleaner community, perhaps "more clean" than the development a few blocks away, in the same school district, which also has similar homes for sale at the same time. Even though you cannot control how "clean" your neighbors keep their homes, an additional community garbage pickup, which the rival development does not offer, means that your buyer will gain a cleaner environment, perhaps for less money. (It's always good to compare prices of similar homes even while yours is listed.)

Too many sellers forget that the agent they hire works for them, and should include as many specific reasons to consider their homes as possible. For communities such as Arlington Heights, they could have an edge on nearby suburbs very soon:


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