Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another Way To Bash The Competition

If you are looking to get your home sold, you need to keep in mind that other homes for sale in your area should be treated as competition. No one else does. Your agent wants to sell a house today, but doesn't care if it is yours or another of his/her listings. It's up to you.

I constantly remind sellers to keep this approach in mind. Be watching the news and your favorite online sources for ways to be able to bash the competition.

Here is another example. A web site, clearly with plenty of time on their hands, developed criteria and put together a list of "the most boring towns" in Illinois. (At least this is the one I came upon this morning.)

As expected, most people just laugh this off, and maybe tease someone they know who lives in one of these communities.

My point here is that if you are looking to sell your home, THIS is the type of story that could be promoted in your favor.

Suppose you live in a neighboring community and your home is for sale. And the community that you live in is NOT among those listed here.

If that is the case, you should be e-mailing and sending this story to everybody you can think of. You have no idea of how many potential buyers might be considering your home, and how your home could be up against a similar home in the "boring" community nearby.

Even if for a few moments, you can give them the chance to see your home in a more favorable light. Maybe you can point out that your home is in the "more exciting community of ......" and show the link.

Of course, if you don't live in a nearby Illinois community, this blog is still for you. You need to be on the lookout for any story that could give your home for sale an edge over other properties in the area. Yes, you!

Your real estate agent is NOT going to do this for you. Don't even bother with him/her. Why? Because they don't want to risk offending a current or potential future client by 'bashing' their community. That is understandable.

The point is that he/she also does not see these other homes as competition to yours, since he or she makes their living selling houses. Note that is plural. You have the much greater interest and urgency to get your home sold than they do.

Look for any and every edge you can!


Tyler Mills said...

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Todd Blair said...

Wow, extremely good information about beating the competition. Even some things I didn't know !! Thank you