Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Both The Home And The Ad Have Potential

"Perfect for a large family or a car collector". Not the way a typical ad for a home starts out, but that's a good thing. In fact, this is an all-too-rare positive example of how a property ad should start out.

The above quote is actually the first sentence of the copy. Now you are talking! There is a sentence that makes you want to read more. And when you do read more, you read things like "Covered parking next to house plus 11 car garage".

Remaining copy includes "5 acres of paradise. Horse corral and stables. Basketball court plus putting green. Upper deck patio plus gazebos".

There is nothing in the description copy about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. And that's fine, even though it took me a moment to find where it says 4 bedrooms 3 baths on the side.

The photo spread in this ad is effective, especially since the primary photo actually matches and compliments the description. Normally, it is not advisable to show a vehicle within a photo, but in this case it actually enhances the photo because it shows how easily several vehicles can fit on the property.

This advertisement rates very well with me for many of the reasons already described. Again, that first sentence does what every real estate ad should do. It makes you want to keep reading. It points out the unique features only. After all, even in the $800,000 price range, not many homes offer parking for more than 11 vehicles, a horse corral, and a basketball court, and so much more.

Strong copy like this makes for a strong advertisement. It helps in a big way that the photos serve to enhance the copy. There is no "Realtor fluff", as I call it. None of the "Must see. This is the house. Won't last long." stuff that wastes valuable ad space.

However, the agent needs to carry this out at least one more step. My problem with this advertisement is that it seems only be on HomeFinder.com. This is not to knock that site, but their property ads, like most other independent real estate advertising portals, are standard in format, which makes it more difficult to make a property stand out and seem more "special" to the potential buyer.

You see, I found this well written ad on HomeFinder.com through the agent's office web site. I saw the primary photo and opening of the description, and clicked on it for more details. Yet, it took me to this HomeFinder.com ad.

With such effective copy and the solid photo spread, there is no excuse for this property not to have its own dedicated web page. The photo spread should be available right away in its entirety instead of having to click through.

The description could be even longer and even more enticing.

If the HomeFinder ad were an additional one in order to get this property on "an additional" site I could understand.

But the agent needs to carry this through. The commission on this property easily justifies being able to provide the treatment this property deserves. Considering that this ad has been up for more than 1 1/2 months, it's not like the agent could tell me he hasn't had time to create an individual ad for it.

You can see it for yourself (as of press time) by searching at 11816 North Loop Dr., Socorro, TX 79927. Hopefully by the time you do, there will indeed be more than one advertisement for it!


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