Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Who's Noise Is It Anyway?

Since I do not have any real estate marketing clients in Dallas at the moment, I can comment on a current story instead of being on the phone showing a current client how I can generate future sales for him or her.

I have recently been following the story about a Dallas restaurant and bar which is open every night until 2 AM and the noise complaints from a very nearby condo building. As this recent news story puts it, it's "getting ugly":


Although I'm not taking either party's side on this, I can't believe that at least one realty agent or office has yet to take the initiative to get involved. The condo building needs to stop the noise for more than just its current residents. News articles such as the one linked above have also served, indirectly, to put out 'bad vibes' about living at Park Towers. People aren't going to want to move in there if they think they won't be able to get a decent night's sleep. Therefore, current residents could face a tough challenge trying to sell, and some of the units already sold for more than $500,000.

Local realty agents could very well be losing future opportunities for large commissions by not stepping in. It is obvious the condo association understands the seriousness of this, given that it (according to the news stories) has hired a law firm and has commissioned a study in this matter. Neither are cheap.

If an agent or realty office in that community were to step in and be instrumental in working a solution that allows condo residents to sleep and the bar's 150 employees to continue at their jobs, that agent or office stands to gain a tremendous amount of positive local publicity. And you can bet they'll get their share of future buyers (and sellers) from that condo building.

From what I have read about this, it appears to be resolved with both sides making an effort instead of defending their rights to exist under these tense circumstances.

Instead of waiting for the next set of negative sales statistics for that area, it just might be time to get out there and seize an opportunity to drive future business. And help the real estate market.

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