Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Does Houston Have Another Problem Brewing?

Whether you live in Houston or not, this rather disturbing story has surfaced by way of the Houston City Council, indicating the possibility of local officials raising property taxes, increasing the fees for garbage pickup, and a host of other costly plans:


Of course, we can all understand that city budgets are suffering just about everywhere. But to further penalize home owners would prove to be an absurd move. It was only a few weeks ago when I address some of the problems with the housing market in Houston, and how foreclosure sales are so prominent.

Perhaps instead of pumping out the negative statistics about the current market, the local realty associations should be lobbying and protesting these actions on behalf of the home owners they represent.

If these increases do go through in Houston, it will make it even more difficult for sellers than it already is. And, of course, as politicians go, if it passes in Houston then other big cities will implement it, and the real estate market will be further set back.

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