Thursday, December 1, 2011

How A Hospital Can Help Chicago Home Sales

This "business" story about a hospital expansion and the jobs it will create is the type of news story which should attract the attention of savvy residential real estate agents as well as potential home sellers.,0,3102625.story

Agents in the Chicago area should have their database to the point of being able to identify current and potential clients who could be interested in knowing about these potentially available jobs, and letting them know. For that matter, their entire database could be notified. People certainly remember where a solid employment lead comes from.

If I were considering or already trying to sell a home near that hospital that could fit the price range of construction workers and the other positions about to be created, I would get my agent working on making it known to the H.R. Department of that hospital within 24 hours.

Here's hoping that these ideas will be used for better marketing of real estate, instead of merely pumping out negative home price and sale statistics every couple of weeks.

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