Monday, December 6, 2010

More reasons not to buy?

Oh sure. People aren't buying in a stagnant real estate market. So let's take a quick break from real estate associations and offices pumping out the negative statistics to consumers.

Now let's look at cities which have decided to increase the property taxes by as much as 9%:

OK, you get the idea. It's called "Let's tax those homeowners who haven't been foreclosed upon and/or can't leave the neighborhood even more."

And now back to regular programming. The Memphis TN real estate market has been among the more depressed ones over the last couple of years.

How does the Memphis Association of Realtors, which consists of local agents paying their dues, react?

They want us all to know that home sales in that area for October were down 29% compared with one year ago. Now there's a reason to stop whatever we are doing and look into buying property there. If fewer and fewer people are looking there, why should we?

Heck, it's only the local governments and realty associations pumping out the reasons to keep the real estate market at a standstill.

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