Sunday, August 30, 2009

Assisted care becoming more specialized

There are times when specialization, whether in real estate or any industry, can get overblown. Kind of like in baseball where we now have the closer, the set-up man, the "hold", and the "one batter" specialist. To many, it all means relief pitcher.

Yet, in the case of assisted living, there is merit for a new specialization. Assisted living is now taking on added responsibilities in some cases. There are instances where clients are aged to the point of needing help with getting around and doing the everyday chores. In addition, some elderly people have special needs and/or are in recovery from surgery and need additional regular care. And, unfortunately for some, there are mental concerns to be dealt with.

This is why I was glad to read about the new development by a company called Signature Senior Living LLC in Texas. They have broken ground on a reported 58,000 square foot facility in Conroe TX which will have 79 individual units. Their plans already have determined that 55 of the units will be "assisted living" while 24 units are being designated for "memory care residents".

In this instance, specialty is a very important step. I have friends currently dealing with older family members with some stage of dementia with parents or relatives. It is nice to know that care facilities are starting to exist which will specifically be fit to handle this.

Furthermore, if marketed properly, this company (and other builders like it) will have an important marketing niche to fill space in their assisted care properties. As seniors get older and older, it would be reassuring for people to know when placing older parents into an assisted care facility that if a memory problem were to occur they would have not have to totally relocate.

Good call.

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