Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a cup of coffee and a new business venture........

Let's start out 2009 on some positive notes, in addition to mortgage rates dropping at least once for the 9th consecutive week.

This article, buried in a community newspaper near Milwaukee, is actually inspiring:

After I read this, I got a vision of this group making a go of this coffee shop and how 10 years from now they would own and operate a series of these in the region.

This sort of story is how partnerships often start. And in today's market, I'm disappointed this story, and others like it, are not getting any play. If I were a realty agent or lender in that area, I'd be all over this group offering to help them with planning.

And for those in other areas, I'd be looking for a few people with money toward a common cause.

Even if not enough money to purchase, the recent availability of rehab loans in most states (such as the program linked on the right of this blog page) could be a viable alternative to get a group started. It could make the difference if a small group can't afford to buy the real estate which houses the business.

Such a positive story, yet such little play. This should be on the front page instead of the current week's "the real estate market is tanking...." statistics. Something to think about over your next cup of coffee.........

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