Wednesday, January 7, 2009

no kidding with this award.........

Still another idea. A city or community that earns an award or honor can be the start of a marketing campaign for a local lender and real estate agent.

One example is this story from a major suburban Chicago newspaper:

The story features the suburb of Mt. Prospect and how it earned the honor as the "best place to raise kids". The city has implemented its own marketing campaign to promote living there.

My immediate reaction to the story was to contact a couple of potential clients with their office or a branch in that area to be sure they saw the story. Yet, 24 hours later, neither of them have become my clients - yet.

Whichever one responds the fastest could have the "we help kids move to Mt. Prospect" campaign in either or both of the top newspapers covering that region plus their web sites.

In this marketplace, neither can afford to procrastinate. Somebody is going to move on this campaign strategy.

My point here is not to belittle my potential clients. Rather, it is to show how reading the news of the day can and should lead to an immediate marketing campaign. Too many missed opportunities in a marketplace that needs every angle it can get.

Since this is also for consumers, this is something to keep in mind when doing your homework to look for a home or property where geographic criteria is crucial. For example, if you have elementary school children, you have a solid reason to be in or near this community. Look for awards and recognition in categories of importance to you. You could also check with some Chambers of Commerce. They know all the awards in the area for obvious reasons.

And, it's still important to have a positive slant on the local real estate market instead of the daily dose of gloom and doom from the real estate industry itself...........

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