Friday, February 24, 2017

95 Days Is Average?

Here we go again. It's the story about how local home sales went up again for the month of January in a rural area southwest of Chicago. That's good news.

However, the local realty association also "reports" that the "average" home sale took 95 days, which is one week less than a year ago.

Why can't they simply tell us all how many homes were sold, and if sales are up, report that, and be done with it?

Ninety-five days as "average"? This is still February (at press time). This would tell me, as a homeowner, that if I decided to sell and picked up the phone today, that my home would sell sometime in June. And that's if it takes the "average" amount of time.


Had the association report focused only on the rise in local home sales, it would leave area residents with a  positive spin.

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