Monday, March 29, 2021

Easy Creation of Interactive Virtual Staging

FIRST IN Interactive Virtual Staging process begins with our tech team creating the property (or selected portions) to scale. This is referred to as a “Virtual Environment”, which is designed to look and function exactly like the property it portrays.


This is created from floor plans, blueprints, or sketches, and is based on the square footage of the property and the various rooms or areas. Because each “Environment” is created from floor plans or drawings, there is no need to visit the property or property site. A subject property can have a Virtual Environment completed at any phase, ranging from before groundbreaking to existing for many years.


The creative process can include the entire property or only selected rooms or areas. For example, it is possible to feature the master bedroom and a 2nd and 3rd bedroom instead of an entire unit, or show one bathroom with a shower and another with a bathtub.


Residential properties offering a specific view, such as a waterfront or elevated city view, can submit specific photos of the view for the tech team to incorporate. This includes upper floors, with drone photos a possibility.


A FIRST INVirtual Environment can feature an entire interior (or selected rooms as indicated above). Exterior space and amenities can be included if desired. Most common exterior requests include showcasing landscaping, a pool, deck, and/or patio, and parking options. If a developer or builders wishes to show exterior design styles and allow for paint color choices, it can be included.


Specific square footage and layouts are important to the final presentation. Potential buyers or tenants experiencing the property Environment should be able to negotiate hallways, corners, and shelf heights as realistically as possible.


The process of creating a precise Virtual Environment from scratch takes our tech team several business days to complete, and is key part of the preparation process.


Residential developers, builders, or brokers, anywhere in the world can request a free no obligation estimate by providing the necessary information on qualifying properties. 


Once created, there are numerous ways that everyone from designers, installers, and contractors to potential buyers, tenants, lenders, and investors can "view" the exact property or selected rooms. These ways range from being at the property site or sales office to online from anywhere. 


Consequently, important decisions can easily be made prior to visiting the property site and/or prior to the property being built or completed. 


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