Thursday, February 14, 2013

When Buyers Can Name Their Price

It's all too rare, but creative selling and real estate have met regarding the selling of a commercial development in Colorado. Granted, it is for a multi-million dollar property, but realty agents and property sellers could do well to follow this formula, no matter what the value.,+LLC+Invites+Buyers+to+Name+Their+Price+on+275-Acre+Five-Star+Luxury+Elk+Mountain+Resort/8090500.html

Provided the link still works for you, you might wish to point out to me that this is not an advertisement for the property, and that, techincally, the property is not "listed" in the traditional sense. My response is that you are only half right. It is up for auction rather than a "listing", but the purpose remains to get the property sold.

On the other point, I'm here to tell you this IS an advertisement. The press release both tells the story by providing the specifics, but it also paints the picture. There are several different possibilities for usage. It could be used for one company, or it could be used as a business for profit. This development could be used as a cash flow investment by leasing out the various elements as components.

This is EXACTLY what I preach to real estate and leasing agents who are my advertising and marketing clients. Every property has something unique about it, whether it is a one-room studio or a multi-million dollar mansion, or somewhere in between.

What is also nice about this advertisement is that they allow visitors to explore the property, and have a bidding formula already in place.

And don't try and tell me this is not an "advertisement". It is. It just happens to be in the form of a Press Release. Yet, it communicates the story, paints the picture, provides a ton of ideas for usage and benefits, and includes a call to action. That is what an effective advertisement is supposed to do.

However, I feel like there are real estate agents out there who would write a "traditional" ad for this property like this:

"Commercial property with 47 buildings, some with mountain views, back-on-market, in move-in condition. Shows well. Prestigious Colorado location. Fitness center. Near national park. New carpet in meeting rooms. Must see to believe!"

And they would also show a photo of the entrance way and little in the background.

An excellent job by the writer of the advertisement for that property. The real estate community needs more like this one!

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