Friday, September 17, 2010

A new low for Baltimore

I'd be the last person to defend a big bank, but this week's news brought out one instance where I need to do that. (Sorry, but I still contend that instead of the government handing out millions to the banks that screwed up the economy, they should have only repaid as many of the defaulted loans as possible.)

Again, the city of Baltimore filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo, as if one bank had something to do with parts of Baltimore still being as dumpy and depressing as they were 25 years ago:

Instead of spending money on cleanup and development efforts, the city chooses to pay a law firm to file these lawsuits so they can be thrown out.

This leads to another way to help with the banking crisis around the country. Let's ask all of the banks serving Baltimore to only lend on properties located in other cities and towns.

Baltimore officials won't mind. If there are no commerical or residential loans within the city limits over the next few years, the city won't have any reason to sue any of the banks!

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