Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Listing of the Day Advertising Critique - Albany GA

In an effort to improve the impact of the marketing of listings, I randomly choose current listings around the country in a variety of price ranges and comment on their effectiveness. No current clients of mine are used, nor do I know any sellers or buyers or have any additional information about the property.

277 Willow Lake Dr., Albany GA 4 + 2 (no price)

http://www.albanyherald.com/home/misc/86877137.html (page 6)

This magazine ad shown online provides plenty of information; however it does not provide a price or an agent name. As a result, a potential buyer scanning the ad before reading the copy has no idea of price, and most likely moves his/her attention to the ad immeidately to the right. The one with homes in 4 different price ranges, two of which appear more attractive (based on the photos) than our featured one.

There is only one photo, which is an exterior shot taken from a good angle. However, the garage is open and shows a car parked inside, which is considered a "no-no" for advertisements.

While the concept of featuring an Open House with directions at the top is a solid one, the failure to include the price wipes out any reasonable chance of good attendance. Even though the ad includes 3 phone numbers including a cell number, there is no agent name at all within. As if people are going to call a person whose name they don't know to ask the price of an open house?

The description copy includes notes such as "2225 Living Area". I suppose it means square feet, but the garage is attached. More confusion shown by the nameless person. There is the "Wooded Lot With Green Space In Rear (Just Completed)" line. Does this mean there was no lot in back until recently? I won't even comment on the use of a capital letter to start every word.

If I were the seller, I'd be upset at how poorly what information is there is communicated, and even more upset that no price is given.

What might have been......


Note: This commentary is uncompensated and for marketing purposes only and is no reflection on the featured property. Its accuracy is not guaranteed. Neither Dave Kohl nor First In Promotions shall be held responsible for any representations.

At this time, I have openings for more realty agent/office clients to critique current and brand new listings on an hourly basis. No current or past client listings are featured on this blog.Random listings are chosen around the country.

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