Monday, September 14, 2009

Listing of the Day - Henrico VA

In an effort to improve the impact of the marketing of listings, I randomly choose current listings around the country in a variety of price ranges and comment on their effectiveness. No current clients of mine are used, nor do I know any sellers or buyers or have any additional information about the property.

2633 Laclede Ave Henrico, VA 23233 $421,000 Sally Slate, Napier Realtors ERA

This ad (for suburban Richmond VA) only has one photo available which is an exterior shot. While it is often effective to have the description cover the interior rather than reinforce the photo, this photo opens up questions which are not addressed during the all-important first impression.

The photo is taken from an angle which shows a side which is not brick and therefore makes a large portion of house appear to be added on. While I was wondering if the open area at the front is a driveway or sidewalk, the description makes no mention of a garage whatsoever.

Keeping in mind this ad is from the web site of a print publication, there is no excuse for the fact that I cannot find the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for this home. (If it is there somewhere, I couldn't find it after spending about 2 minutes looking specifically for that information.) The publication probably expects the agent to include it within the print description, while the agent probably expects the publication to include it within its regular format.

Sorry, but I blame the agent for this glaring omission. It shows me that she did not check her ad. (The random search I did to find this listing group was "2 or more bedrooms" so I have no way of knowing for sure.) I would also question the motivation of the seller he/she/they isn't monitoring the advertising from the agent they chose to represent them.

To make matters worse, the description goes on to mention a "3rd floor bonus room". There is nothing wrong at all with offering a bonus room. But take a look at that picture. Where is there a 3rd floor???? If there is a basement, it is not mentioned, but that would make it 3 level and still not a "3rd floor".

By this point, a potential buyer is confused about how many stories, does not know how many beds and baths there are, and has no information about a garage or any sort of parking.

There is no information about the neighborhood or the block in the description. We would need to make another click for "area schools".

What is a "new 50-year roof"? Does it mean the house is 50 years old already? Is it a 50-year warranty?

Everything of what is described within is "new", including the roof. Yet, the property is also described as "meticulously maintained". It could only mean this is an older property, or cause suspicion if so many things needed to be replaced or upgraded recently.

Frankly, this is a perfect example of why I am doing this column.

Grade: D

Note: This commentary is uncompensated and for marketing purposes only and is no reflection on the featured property and is its accuracy is not guaranteed. Neither Dave Kohl nor First In Promotions shall be held responsible for any representations.

At this time, I have openings for more realty agent/office clients to critique current and brand new listings on an hourly basis. No current or past client listings are featured on this blog.

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