Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Arizona property tax scam

It looks as though the real estate scam artists are now targeting parts of Arizona with an advertising solicitation designed to look "official" with regard to a "2009 property tax reduction review". Not only has the state's deadline for appeals for 2009 property taxes already past, but this company seeks a $189 "processing fee".

Fortunately, Arizona Atty. General Terry Goddard has issued a warning to the state's homeowners, although it is not yet known how many homeowners may have already fallen for this scheme.

Since I don't know how a scammer thinks, I would think that now that a warning has been issued in their targeted area, these crooks would start to target other areas. If you are a home owner, please be aware that such a scam exists. If you are a real estate or mortgage professional anywhere in the country, you may wish to warn your client base about what has happened in Arizona.

It is a helpful way to get your name and your services across to your client base.

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